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Guild Mass was usually held here
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The Lady Chapel at St. Mary's - photos:

St. Mary's, Thorpe, promoted the Healing Ministry of the Church through its branch of the Guild of St. Raphael until Easter 2007.
For many years the St. Mary's branch of the Guild held a Service of Anointing and Laying of of Hands every month except August. Although the Guild Branch has been disbanded the members continue to offer prayer for the sick and for those in any kind of need. The former Guild members remained active in both prayer and visiting the sick, and supporting carers and those forced to remain at home for long periods.
The last meeting of the Guild branch at St. Mary's was the formal Requiem and Memorial service for Mrs. Hannelore Baty, one of its keenest and most active members in recent years. This was held at St. Mary's, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey on Easter Tuesday, April 10th 2007, commencing at 12.30 p.m. The Vicar, the Reverend Canon Michael J. Hereward-Rothwell, presided and delivered the homily. 
Inspirational Note: For once, this web-page is wholly true! The Guild Branch did meet at St. Mary's, all the information is real-life and as accurate as we can make it, and the people do exist. The ministry of healing and prayer continues in all the other elements of church life at St. Mary's.
Dr. Baty - our chaplain - helped pioneer properly taught and supervised clinical excellence in the pastoral work of the Church in all its denominations.  His interest started over sixty years ago through contact with Reichian Therapist Paul Ritter and Christian psychiatrist Dr. Frank Lake. His experience includes teaching at every level from basic supportive counselling skills for the "parishioner-in-the-pew" to professional university validated post-graduate diplomate studies.
He was for many years the convenor and secretary of the working parties on training and primal integration of the Clinical Theology Association (now the Bridge Pastoral Foundation), and a member of its governing Council and Executive Committee.
In 1982 Bishop Peter Walker, the Bishop of Ely, recognised Dr. Baty's work by inviting him to become Rector of Longstanton near Cambridge. This was one of a chain of parishes around Cambridge which allowed time for what the Bishop described as "a ministry of depth with your own people as well as time to pursue your own interests." 
When Dr. Baty's previous benefice was being reorganised Dr. Walker had felt that the work likely to be still on offer did not give enough scope for Dr. Baty's unique gifts and particular contribution to the life of the Church. "I'm not having you wasting your time looking after four parishes," were his exact and rather startling words! The offer at Longstanton was eventually made and accepted and Dr. Baty set aside the high preferment which had been in view for him at 10 Downing Street in favour of a ministry giving him two days a week for Clinical Theology and "other interests" in and around the University city of Cambridge.
On retirement this side of his ministry was kept up until ill-health forced his retirement from that also. He continues this ministry through prayer, writing, and the support of the members of the Guild. 

For local details: contact Dr. Baty as above
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