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St Matilda's Church


Women Bishops at Last?
"The Society"
Parish Re-Organisation
A brief outline of the origins and history of the church and parish
Counselling Centre
The Guild of St. Raphael (Christ's Ministry of Healing)
St. Withburga's Church Centre
Our Saints
Ordinariate Group Pilgrimage to Ireland
From the Rector
Staff and Officers
Fr Ted's Anniversary

A List of Publications soon to be available through St Matilda's

The following publications are soon to be available through St. Matilda's and other internet outlets. Fortunately pre-publication copies of "work in progress" can be obtained by personal application to the Reverend Doctor Edward Baty. CLICK HERE for the direct link.




  •  Hilariter ad Templum” pokes gentle fun at the church’s obsession with certain kinds of sin above others, looking at a variety of sexual indiscretions and positions, different ways of raising money including various kinds of marketing, the petty jealousies of a small town, and parish life in a settled urban community. The date is uncertain but there are women clergy in post, so it has to be post 1994! 
  • "Divinely ad Templum" The Church of England at its best despite the shortcomings of its members. The action revolves around the resignation of an Archbishop of Canterbury, the love life of a senior woman priest, life in a country parish, and in a Cathedral Close. The author's second curacy was spent at a "parish church cathedral."
  •  Emira” is based around the murder of a young cabaret artist and the outfall therefrom in the lives of a variety of people from England, the USA and the Balkans. Dog-lovers will enjoy, I hope, the portrayal of a loving family pet rescued after being abandoned by his former family.


  • "Our Faith" - a detailed overall guide to Christian Belief, as seen from a broad Anglio-catholic perspective.
  • "Problems and Desires" - a guide to the events at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina with special attention to the needs of pilgrims from outside the Roman Catholic communion

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