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Fr Ted's Market-Place

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Welcome to the resources you need!

Choose from the following pages to access the kind of help and handiwork you need in your every-day ministry.
Click on the web address for new resources to help you.

Running any business is never easy and running parish or a busy church very much so. Our resource bank and our contacts give you everything you may need to run an effective pastoral ministry, increasing the numbers committed to your church or parish, increasing the effectiveness of your outreach, deepening the faith of every member (including yourself!), and setting up a constructive and satisfying work and witness in this 21st Century.
Here in Fr Ted's Market-Place we set out our stall:
  • to provide the background in our work which provides help for other churches and parishes; 
  • to explain the ministry, tools, and servicesyou can use and which we have to offer;
  • to highlight features of your work which we can help through our services and our web site.
  • to provide the links to take you to the page of the website you of the site;
  • (in most months) we will feature a different item we have found in our research for ever better tools and instruments for the outreach of your church.

Here we display a picture of something special for this month:

"On a Hill Far Away ..."
No body said it would be easy, nor is it!
Trouble comes to us all from time to time. It is part of being human and almost certainly, it's coming shortly to people near you.
Do you know how to help them through?
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