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A List of Work in Progress 

Please note that this is a list of work in progress. Only one or two items listed are ready for publication.
The list is published to stimulate those who feel they might have contributions to make towards products and publications listed here.



(This is an overview of work in hand, work stopped, and - occasionally - work finished!)



In compiling this list I have copied details from the computer. However some work was carried out under a different agency and is not listed here. The descriptions are brief and will indicate, perhaps, the value I place on each, not least by the amount of time spent describing them. There may be more material still to find.


The Main headings under which these could be considered are:


Biographies and Autobiographical Material;


Counselling and Psychotherapy;



Fund Raising


Historical Pieces;

Methods and Ideas;





Biographies and Autobiographical Material

(These could be illustrated easily with photographs from family collections)


The bulk of this file is "work in progress."


However the memoir of Ilse Kamke (my mother-in-law) is complete in that a version has been provided to the family members as a record.


The biography of  my wife, Hannelore, is still to be completed and reflects many our family experiences and to that extent is autobiographical. These two pieces draw heavily on archive material in the family's possession and from the Red Cross and Holocaust Museum collections in Germany and the USA.


My own autobiographical material is in the main reflections on parish life and life as a counsellor. I have been careful to remove any personal material that might be construed as a reference to particular individuals, avoiding breaches of confidence. To this extent the material relating to counselling has had to be constrained. However, I hope that it will be useful. In this I have been encouraged by the work of a colleague, Richard Gillett, on Depression who produced an excellent and helpful workbook for the British Holistic Medical Association without making reference to particular individuals. If he had, I would have recognised the reference, having been acquainted with so many of his patients and his colleagues.




There is a plethora of business manuals and fund raising advice mainly from the time when I was profitably engaged in business and in running a fund raising consultancy. Much of it has been repeated and superseded by the vast internet machine. However for those still engaged in Direct mail and in traditional techniques (I suspect the majority of those in profit!), there may well be items of worth to be used with discretion and affording the possibility of great profit ...




Counselling and Psychotherapy


Forty years and more of active engagement in this field from the early pioneering years (when it was unknown to the public at large) to the present day (when it is part of the liberal establishment and its deviant manipulations), there must be something to be said. However, much of my fictional writing draws on the experience of this field in the delineation of the various characters and their behaviour.





These vary from long and useful manuals on the Christian Faith to more discursive courses for meditation. There are also useful business pieces which could come under this heading.




(My pride and joy!)


The various ministerial chronicles (“ ... Ad Templum” series )form a chronicle of over lapping periods, rather wobbly, similar to Susan Howatch’s  magna opera.. So “Divinely ad Templum” deals with normal parish life in the 1990s, with reminiscences from the previous half-century, the characters displaying a variety of  distinct psychological profiles as used in the Clinical Theology Association for whom I taught for many years,


         Victims ad Templum” is a description of the impact of the two world wars and the town planning initiatives post WWII on a settled rural community covering a wide period from c. 1915 to the 1960s


         Hilariter ad Templum” pokes gentle fun at the church’s obsession with certain kinds of sin above others, looking at a variety of sexual indiscretions and positions, different ways of raising money (including MLM), the petty jealousies of a small town and parish life in a settled urban community. The date is uncertain but there are women clergy in post, so it has to be post 1994!


         "Divinely Ad Templum" - the Church of England tries to come to terms with the ordination of women to the priesthood, and the increased influence of the "liberal tendency".


         “Joyeux au Pelegrinage” - expresses the hopes of a better integrated and broader Church of England as the story of a young couple, taking up the traditional teaching of the Church of England as a sober, Reformed Catholicism, and succeeding, through experience in Lourdes initially (and Walsingham), membership of the “Society of St. Wulfstan and St. Julian of Norwich” and the third order of a small Anglican community fo9llowing the Carmelite way.



          Per Accidiam ad Salutem” deals with depression and the pressures of Army life with particular reference to the problems faced by the cadre of women soldiers and their partners and families as they have emerged and gradually climbed the promotional ladder during the 1980s and 1990s.


         Heaven on Earth” is based around a conversation held by the recording angel at the Pearly Gates with St. Peter in which the nature of human relationships is given a thorough examination as various candidates for admission are presented. It may or may not be fiction - it is however autobiography under some heavy devotional garb. As I wrote in an initial draft of thoughts and ideas: “The story is true. However my own studies on the nature of memory suggest that I leave it to the reader to decide how much is accurate and how much the way my mind chooses to recall it. Whatever the reader might choose to think, it remains my life story with my golden girl. To vary or correct it would require far too much research, I suspect, for anyone to bother. So I hope that the readers will lie back, read on, and enjoy it all; life with her really was that marvellous!”


         Emira” is based around the murder of a young cabaret artist and the outfall therefrom in the lives of a variety of people from England, the USA and the Balkans. Dog-lovers will enjoy, I hope, the portrayal of a loving family pet rescued after being abandoned by his family.



Fund Raising


Material from the time when my experience as a fund raiser in parish life and in funding CTA work was offered to the Church at large, including several manuals and many "Occasional Papers."


Some of these are ready for publication, such as the Cascadia Series. Most need either a thorough revision to bring them up to date or a check on facts and sources. Quite a few are incomplete.






Wide ranging items - poetry, children's work, et al.




Historical Pieces


My academic background is of specialising in architectural history, art history, the history of design and of music. My particular experience is in the nineteenth century and the first half or so of the twentieth.


Parish histories

Church Histories

Architectural Histories


Some short essays are already published in the oublic domain on the website



Methods and Ideas


This set of files consists mainly of ideas and notes concerning the techniques and methodology of writing and copywriting.





A variety of works concerning:


            The ministry of women and how it is articulated


            The nature and detail of faith


            The Medjugorje apparitions of the BVM  (a complete version is online)


            Self-determination and character development


            A consideration of quantum theory within a theological context


Psychology and counselling matters are largely considered above under a separate heading of "Counselling and Psychotherapy."




List Ends



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