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A Brief History of St. Mary's Thorpe

Who we are and where to find us

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Early Days and Saxon Period
From the Normans to the Tudors
The Reformation and Beyond
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century and Today's Church
Notables and the Churchyard
About Us and How to Make Contact
The St Matilda's church histories are a new Internet venture each designed to help a congregation publish good, solid, information about the history of its church.
The sites are brief and of necessity incomplete. We have no wish to compete with the Victorian County Histories! However we aim to give a full and accurate description within the space available.
Two tasks are paramount for us:
  • to take the weight of such site-building off the shoulders of clergy and church officers;
  • to provide a scholarly resource for those engaged in recording the achievements of their church, both past and present, together with their aspirations for the future.
The special basis of the histories is a passion for art, architecture, and design in every field.
The main author, The Reverend Doctor Edward Baty, is a retired country clergyman whose speciality in the academic world is the Victorian Churches of East Anglia. This narrow focus arose from a background of 1st Class Honours in the History of Art, Architecture, and Design, including Distinctions in Architectural History, Renaissance and Reformation Studies, and the History and Design of Musical Instruments.
Before ordination Dr. Baty was a chartered quantity surveyor at the London headquarters staff of a major development group working mainly on projects in West Africa.

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